Firefox Installer - FP

The current Firefox Installer was reported being reported a virus when I was downloading it.

Product site: Get Firefox for desktop — Mozilla (US)
Name of detection: Packed.Win32.MUPX.Gen[at]129019204
CIS Database #: 7868

Hello rickmastfan67,

We have downloaded the file from the link you have provided and checked it but it is not getting detected. So in order to check this please submit the detected file using the following link:

Thank you!

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3.6.15 is released… pretty fast after .14 is suspect serious issues.

Well, the thing is, any *.exe files I downloaded this morning were triggering this exact same “detection”. Didn’t matter what website I downloaded an exe from, Comodo kept popping up this “detection” on them.

But it seems the problems have been fixed in the Virus Database, so, I’ll just lock this thread since the problem is now gone.