firefox help

Everytime I Go to a Https or try to sign on to anything it gives me this

could not establish an encrypted connection because vertificate presented “website” has an invalid signature

Even to but not

P.S (moderator you can delete the one i posted earlier)

I get the same error, I’m positive there’s a good reason for this as I read it before somewhere… you’re not alone. Lets sit back and have a :■■■■ until someone else with a slightly better memory than me can remember where they read it at.

Oh, yes, and regarding your last post: Your wish is my command… poof


Curious, I’ve not seen this with firefox. Have you checked your certificate database?

I dont get it either. You can try tools > clear private data, and make sure authenticated sessions is cleared. Then try disabling antivirus and firewall software.


Have you checked whether your system date and time is correct… :o

If the system date and time is correct then try uninstalling and reinstalling firefox