Firefox getting blocked?

every now and then, mostly when i visit, firefox gets stopped by safesurf for buffer size or something, is that website have a virus on it or am i just doing something wrong?

I think it means that the site you are going to is using too much memory.

oh, but like right now, its not blocking it. so just sometimes it takes to much memory?

COMODO Safesurf protects against browser Buffer Overflow Attacks.

[i]"What is a Buffer Overflow attack – The Technical Description?

In computer security and programming, a buffer overflow, or buffer overrun, is a programming error which may result in a memory access exception and program termination, or in the event of the user being malicious, a possible breach of system security.

A buffer overflow is an anomalous condition where a process attempts to store data beyond the boundaries of a fixed-length buffer. The result is that the extra data overwrites adjacent memory locations. The overwritten data may include other buffers, variables and program flow data and may cause a process to crash or produce incorrect results. They can be triggered by inputs specifically designed to execute malicious code or to make the program operate in an unintended way. As such, buffer overflows cause many software vulnerabilities and form the basis of many exploits. Sufficient bounds checking by either the programmer or the compiler can prevent buffer overflows."[/i]

I’m not sure why it would warn you sometimes when visiting particular sites. Some alerts are false positives, like with programs such as Java or Adobe updater. Are you doing anything specific when you get the alert (e.g. downloading something…)

Yes, sometimes certain websites try to make Firefox or IE or another browser use too much memory, which can help the malware infect the system. Or other times the site may be ok, but it just needs to use a lot of memory so Safesurf/CMF blocks it.

Oh well, .FaZio93. posted before me >:(

the website is just a forum. no java or anything else, just a forum

Are you sure about this? Using a lot of resources is not considered being a Buffer Overflow, as far as I know.

But using memory (lot or a little) “the wrong way” coursing it to overwrite its fixed space is. A BO could potentially be a small variable/string writing to 2 bytes more than it was designed to.

That was just what I had picked up (but I think I misunderstood it). You’re probably right. :slight_smile:

I’ve just installed the free Comodo software for antivirus/firewall and I can’t get Firefox to work! So I’m now using IE :o( Can someone help me? I’m actually thinking this software is slower than Norton!

Make sure of this: Go to Firewall > Advanced ? Network Security Policy and if you see firefox.exe there make sure it is set to “Web Browser”. To edit, highlight firefox.exe, click “edit” choose “predefined policy” and choose “Web Browser”. Then Apply. :slight_smile:

okay, this is going to sound like a really blonde question, but where do I go for “firewall” ? I can’t find anywhere on pc to access comodo to change/check settings.

You clan click on the COMODO icon on your desktop or the tray icon in your task bar. (see screenshot).

Once you see the COMODO application there is a Firewall section on top to click.

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I don’t have an icon on my desktop - I Have a tiny icon in my right hand side, bottom corner… but that just gives me enable/disable protection. I can’t find it in my programmes either. Although it is here.

Does the icon look like the white shield one in my screen shot?
And it is not listed in Add/Remove Programs?

okay! I’ve reinstalled… and seem to have everything now… stilll no joy with Firefox… wondering if I should uninstall and reinstall that way? Although… will I lose my bookmarks etc?

Have reinstalled!!! Comodo seemed to be doing all it’s stuff and allowed access and now I have Firefox up and running… I will be back if anymore probs occur, but thanks for your help - I think it’s sorted (:WIN)