firefox freezes

when i download luxor (01) from a site
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comodo antivirus (in medium heeusralistic level) detects virus and when i chose remove firefox freezes

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I believe when you remove something that firefox is downloading it will freeze. This is on Firefox end not Comodo’s

Did this help?


this happens when i tried today
a few days ago with set to low it detected the virus and remove it with no problem to firefox
now when i set to low it does not detects virus and when i set to mediwn it detects it and firefox freeses and need restart

when i tried to download this and detected the virus (after i remove it) comodo did not let me download the file. I prefer this (not letting me download a file wich contains virus or malware).
Now when i set to load it let me download the file and install it. I block it with firewall and i dont let it harm my computer.
i liked it when comodo didnt let me download that file because iif i didnt knew that it was harmful i could install it an harm my pc.

i use comodo firewall fow sme months and i am very satisfied and now i tryout antivirus.
I want to thank you very match for your servises!!