Firefox.exe normal behavior?


I have recently upgraded to Comodo Firewall v3.5.x and am noticing some behavior that I had not noticed before from firefox.exe. When loading up the program and taking actions such as right-clicking on an image and choosing “save as,” I am getting the following warnings from Comodo:

firefox.exe is trying to access the disk directly
firefox.exe is trying to install the global hook dwmapi.dll
firefox.exe is trying to modify the contents of igfxpph.dll
…is about to modify ntshrui.dll
…is about to modify networkexplorer.dll
…is about to modify windows defender\mpoav.dll

Is this normal behavior from Firefox, or do I have a problem? Avira Antivir (my current antivirus program) has not detected any problems. It could be normal for Firefox as I normally tell Comodo to treat it as a “trusted” program.

I did searches for several of these .dll names, but could not find posts regarding them in the forum; I apologize if I missed something.

Thank you very much!

Welcome to the forum Nix :slight_smile:
The first two are normal for any browser, cannot advise on rest not running firefox.
Please what setting do you CF in Defence+ Safe Mode/Clean PC Mode/ Other?
Thank you

Hi, thank you!

I am currently running Safe Mode for both Firewall and Defense+.

Thanks again!