Firefox, etc, etc,

I often will be asked by CF if I want to allow firefox. I click the box and allow. And then it will ask me again. Sometimes three or four times. Is this the case when using IP blocking software that initiates Firefox.

Did you check the “Remember this Option” box?

Now come on Joe… :■■■■

I get that alert on occasion when extensions or firefox update but the alert box is usually ticked by default

Some of this may depend on the Parent of the application (ie, what is used to launch the app); if from the desktop, it will be explorer.exe, launched directly from the file, it will be firefox.exe, if you launch it by clicking a link within your email client it will be the email client’s .exe, and so on.

Another factor is where you have the alert frequency set (Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous). If it’s High or Very High, the alerts will be IP, Direction, Protocol, Port, etc specific; by setting the Alert Freq to that level, you’re basically telling CFP that you want highly detailed control. By selecting “remember” you will create numerous application rules, all differing by this type of information; so even if they seem to be the same, they may be actually be different in the details…


I have 6 firefox in the application monitor with different parents. I have seen some post this as a bug but I prefer the way the ole alerts work