Firefox & Chrome & IE Won't run after installing COMODO Firewall


Today I installed COMODO Firewall on my PC & after rebooting & running the firewall, The Firefox & Chrome stopped launching. (their exe processes can be seen in task manager but they don’t open).
Before COMODO Firewall’s installation, Both Firefox & Chrome was working like a charm.

From the start, I put COMODO Firewall’s rules to “Custom Ruleset” but COMODO Firewall didn’t ask me to allow firefox or Chrome to access internet.

Firefox version: 53.0.2 x64 (last version)
COMODO Firewall version: (last version)
Chrome version: 57.0.2987.133
OS: Win 10 x64

I tried the following actions but none of them helped me:

  • Disabling all of COMODO’s componenets (Firewall-Auto-Containment-HIPS-VirusScope-Website Filtering).
  • Uninstalling & Reinstalling firefox.
  • Deleting Firefox’s Profile Folder.
  • Adding firefox.exe through “Application Rules” & submitted the “Web Browser” rule to it.

Waiting for any suggestions to solve this problem. :-La


IE (Internet Explorer) also won’t start.

But any other browser starts & works without any problem.

I tried these that works:

Opera (chrome engine)
Maxthon (IE engine)
SlimBrowser (IE engine)

As u can see, the original browser (IE, chrome, firefox) won’t start but other browsers that use (IE, chrome) engine, starts & works without any problem.

It’s probably a conflict with another security-related product.

Yes, it seems u r correct.

I tried it with Avast antivirus but it seems these 2 can’t co-operate together.

So I uninstalled COMODO Firewall.