Firefox Browser and Comodo Firewall

Does Comodo firewall work with the Firefox Browser? I use firefox as it is more secure, more friendly than IE and has a smaller footprint. Are there any plans to develop it to work with Firefox. If I continue to use Firefox after installing Comodo, do I lose all my protection?

I’m not sure that I fully understand your question, tchs…

There are no issues with Comodo firewall and (to my knowledge) any browser application. The browser is just another application that accesses the internet. Within the firewall’s Application Monitor, you merely need to create the necessary rules for it to do so, or simply respond with Allow & Remember to the popup alerts when you run the application.

For more info about the inner workings of CFP 2.4, please see this thread:,6167.0.html

You may be interested in the articles regarding CFP’s Layered Rules, and the Set & Forget Tutorial.


Thanks for the reply. I was reacting to the information on Comodo’s website that system reqs. include IE 5.0> and saw no mention of Firefox, assumed that meant could not be used with it? Usually the reqs would state something like “IE5.0, Firefox 2.0, Opera 1.6, etc.” did I leap to the wrong conclusion-guess so?

Could you post a link for the site you were looking at with the IE5 reference?

The Comodo Firewall site is this one: and I don’t see any reference there to IE5 in the system requirements.

BTW, I’m using FF at this very moment. While Comodo’s products DO use IE’s connection settings for their updates, there is only one I’m aware of that is dependent on IE and that’s i-Vault.