Firefox blocked

Interesting discussion going on in the avast! forums.

Here is my opinion (you can also see my same post in the avast! thread)

I will continue to use adblock plus, I hate web advertisements, and the average U.S. citizen is exposed to millions of advertisements every year, so I think I should be able to browse the web without a few annoying ads…


Justin, I agree completely to its opinion.
Beyond of the “Adblock Plus”, I use the “NoScript”, very good, try:

“noscript for Firefox pre-emptively blocks malicious scripts and allows javascript, Java and other potentially dangerous content only from sites you trust.”


That guy is an idiot, and his understanding of what constitutes “stealing” is somewhat skewed 88)

In fact, I can see a more valid argument in the opposite direction; by forcing me to download ads that I have no wish to view, web masters are STEALING my bandwidth from me.

I personally use adblock plus, and will continue to do so, as I (perhaps strangely ???) believe that I have the right to determine what I will view on my pc.

(…and also because I despise adverts (:TNG))

I use it as well, because I agree with this. On the other hand, many things - and I mean many things - wouldn’t be free if without ads. News sites, download sites… both of which I visit often. I wouldn’t have all that excellent freeware installed on my computer without sites that get their income from ads. Not an easy thing this, I think!


Sorry Soya, but at this point it is too early too tell, but I can say this, if I can’t visit a website in Firefox, then I won’t visit the website at all :slight_smile:

I got to say I agree with both of you.

Ads are important for freeware programs, but I like the other way of keeping freewares alive. It’s called donating.
By donating you only have to pay for something you like and want to support. Sure one or two ads is ok, it won’t bother me too much. What really bothers me is those annoying pop-up ads.

Can’t say it better myself :wink:


I think the discussion here should also include why the browsers are blocking those ads. I don’t know how many times lately that I have seen in the news that ads are being hijacked and unsuspecting users computers get infected. Seems they always forget to mention that part.


Yes if Google were to block Firefox that could be a problem for me…

But I highly doubt that Firefox will be blocked from Google because Google has always been very close to Mozilla in developing their products.

That’s true. For example we could take Firefox start page, the ‘Firefoxied’ Google search engine.
They could’ve chosen ‘’ or something. That’s free(?) publicity for Google.


Ads are a pestilence to the internet, consuming large quantities of bandwidth and
are to be compared with SPAM, a thing that even politicians can see stinks and have banned .
Furthermore that guy is both an idiot and a liar, a liar because :
He claims that he isn’t calling FF-users “thieves” and then uses a full web-page to call them … thieves. An idiot because : You can also use the HOSTS-file to block ads, are you going to block all winblows-users ? or how about people who use IP-blockers ?
YOU are the thief Mister, it’s MY payed-for bandwidth that is used to display the ads,
making YOU money at my expense .
It’s a typical american capitalist way of thinking, caused by some idiotic law that extends
“free speech” to cover commercial propaganda from non-physical “persons” .
Get a real job or find some other (healthy) business-plan .

This conversation firstly bloom at the MozillaZine comment (AdBlock) sections.
And within a week, it grows to a mega giant flame war.
…and suddenly the starter guys just disappear.
Turns out someone nukes his line off, and send him the majority message quite clear.

…you never heard of his live comments anymore. Except for the remaining stories and speculations.

While I hate ADs, especially those that POP, I would sincerely turn off my filter away if the sites are worth it, or deserves to get paid for their amusing content.
…and will definitely block any ADs from any Blog, that just merely puts some funny pics they stole from somewhere else, just to make a quick bucks out of it.

True, unfortunately ads seem to be a huge part of the Internet financing, so I think we would loose many sites and some programs if the system of ads didn’t work. :-\

The good thing is that many people haven’t discovered the possibility of blocking ads, because they hardly know how to start Internet Explorer once they’ve started their computers. Sad for them, good for us. :wink:

Btw, I believe every browser worth its name today, blocks pop-ups. I wonder what the ad-makers think of this?


I’m republican!
Nowadays, most of the countries had opted to the democracy. Democracy means you to have the option to choose the things. I think that you must have the right to choose “to accept” or “to refuse” the ADS.


I surly agree with that. At the same time I just want to point out;

So I’m grateful to those who load and click ads, because I can read the news, watch videos and download freeware thanks to them.


I had a look at the code, All you need to do is change the string that they are retrieving to say “Internet Explorer” or something like that.

I could write something to do that, although I am not sure whether I support it or not. Anyways I am sure someone else will (Would take a max of 30 min to write, maybe more if it was a plug-in to firefox since I have not written a plug-in to firefox before…).

I think that ads need to be relevant to the person’s interests, I don’t mind receiving ads that I have signed up for. But I don’t like receiving unsolicited ads.