Firefox and Anti spam

I am using latest thunderbird with Comodo Antispam, and all seems to be set up correctly, but i am receiving no mail at all in Antispam, and I cannot receive mail with thunderbird! When I switch Antispam off, I am able to get mail through Thunderbird with no problems. I have re-installed Antispam several times, and have shut down all security programs, but this makes no difference. There are messages on my server, but they are just not coming through Antispam or thunderbird!
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi Mickded:

  Would you please post security programs you installed?
  And please confirm your thunderbird version and what protocol your mail server provides, thanks!

Hello Junhua, thanks for your reply, I use Comodo firewall with a/V, and I also use Avira free version, and Comodo Boclean, but even with ALL security closed, Thunderbird does not get the mail. My Thunderbird is ver. (20081209) and my server uses normal pop protocol. I hope this helps, also I can tell you that when i downloaded the latest Opera browser, with mail included as soon as I set up my account, Comodo Antispam worked with a few hiccups almost perfectly, with opera mail!
This would be end of story except that opera keeps crashing! So this does not help matters, plus I have used Thunderbird and Firefox for years now, and would like to carry on using them.
Thank you.

Due to lack of help I have gone back to eprompter ! It works.