Firefox 4 compatibilty

The Firefox addon is marked as compatible with 3.6 - 3.6.*. Firefox 4 is scheduled to be released on March 22. Any news on an update? Is anyone running the 4.0 RC and forced CVE compatibility?

I have Firefox 4.0.1 (to which the 4.0 Release Candidates have been updated) and CVE still shows as incompatible even when forced.

Not only that, but Builds of 6.0a1 after 2011-04-24 will not open. Is there a soultion?!?? Defense+ is disabled, even when the Firewall is disabled, Firefox Nightly still won’t start because it seems it’s something to do with the Comodo network driver.

Hi nimd4 ,

I’m not sure how the “Nightly Builds” thread you are referring to is related to CVE incompatibility issue raised here and in several other threads.

Probably I missed something, therefore please clarify the matter an the relevance, which will be highly appreciated , since CVE compatibility issue has nothing to do neither with Defense+, nor with Firewall and/or “Comodo network driver”
That may be a serious problem, but it looks like it deserves a separate request

Other than that - the answer at the moment is unfortunately very simple - CVE is not yet compatible with FF and can cause big troubles if installed.

Below are threads to read:

starting from here

or here
Anyway, thater are a lot of “crossref links”

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SiberLynx - Thanks. Informative post.

CVE wasn’t compatible with FF4.0.1 - I just uninstalled CVE

Not sure why Comodo is still keeping the download link active Anti Phishing - Fight Phishing Attacks and Internet Fraud | Comodo mentioning Firefox 1.0.7 and above!? >:( - if they are already aware of the issues with FF4+ and troubles one may face post installation?? 88) ???

You are welcome, SanjibChoudhury

The link you mentioned is for several systems/browsers

Say, the latest VE is still working with IE8 and some people are using it … etc.

Incompatibilities / further development / responses from the developers are different issues

Sure it would be nice to hear from them, but what can we do? :wink:


SiberLynx, Thanks.
I do understand that it’s (fixing compatibility issues etc) got to be an ongoing exercise for COMODO team, considering that browser folks are releasing updated versions very frequently. All I tried to mean in my previous post (sorry if I wasn’t clear) is: since we all now know VE isn’t compatible with FF4, can’t we update the product download page where it says “Firefox 1.0.7 and above”?

(lets not say “and above” term - lets specify the compatible version number, otherwise it’s confusing for COMODO lovers :P)

Am saying this, cause I had installed VE reading that line “and above”, later discovered - VE isn’t compatible with FF4. And you know rest of the story.

Hope this make sense :slight_smile:


Ah! I see … that particular entry. Sure that make sense. Who would argue?
Precise descriptions are very important

How about one of these:

  • "Firefox 1.0.7 and above … but … < less than Fox v4”
  • Firefox and below
    Whatever will come 1st - the fix or changed sign. All we can do is just make a suggestion



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