Firefox 3.6 Not Compatible

I updated to Firefox 3.6 and it uninstalled the add on Verification Engine and said it wasn’t compatible with 3.6 so I guess we wait until Comodo up dates the program. Any time estimates on how often this occurs? Thanks

VE causes Firefox 3.6 to crash. That’s probably why it was uninstalled.

Well I hope Comodo sort this out asap. :slight_smile:

No crashes here so far, VE is just listed as incompatible.

The add-on wasn’t uninstalled either, as 4putt reported


I guess uninstall was incorrect, it said it would be disabled until the add on was compatible. So I guess my question is does Comodo address this in a timely manner with an update since a lot of people use Firefox. Thanks

Well to update you with what happened with me, did not have a problem…?

Good for you Captain, but that didn’t ask my question, as reported by others Firefox says it’s incompatible. Thanks

Hi 4putt,

As I understand AyeAyeCaptain meant just “no crashes” as in my post, but not that he has a compatible VE.

As for your question:

… does Comodo address this in a timely manner…

We may just hope. Usually such things were fixed quite quickly.

Including the fact that the issue is known since 3.6 RC1
I personally tested that using portable Fox - and at that time I did have crash indeed when I forced VE compatibility using “Mr Tech Toolkit”. The latter can do that successfully with many incompatible Add-ons.

My regards

Hi SiberLynx, I understood AyeAyeCaptain as stated “No Problem” I also had no problem only I can’t use The Verification Engine. I don’t know about a tool kit. Hopefully it will be a quick fix. Thanks

Same here!
Any news??
Mats H

Hi Mats H,

Not yet as we can see. Waiting for a lil pop-up about the update :wink:

As a matter of fact this new Fox version despite delivering some improvements brought incompatibilities with a numerous Add-ons, so not only VE developers (and users) are concerned at the moment.

For example, I found that NoSript in many cases is misbehaving - reporting “click-hijacking” in places where it shouldn’t and that is more than just being annoying as you understand.
The particular page here is the hotmail page, where I cannot click on Inbox() & other links without being warned

In order to check whether that’s the latest NoScripts bug or not I fired up my portable Fox, installed NoScript and a few compatible add-ons.
As a result - everything is fine with the same page(s)

Now this unpleasant work is necessary in order to find out which incompatible add-on in particular is causing troubles.

Let’s hope that all will settle down soon

My regards

I guess still nothing new on update? Thanks

You want NoScript which fixes several 3.6 issues.

Thanks, Jim__ :-TU

Fox is a bit late with the official auto-update, but I see what you are saying.

Will do that manually this evening if the “auto-” will be silent

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*** added *** The auto-update brought NoScript
and that problem is fixed indeed
Thanks again, Jim__

I figured no sense running CVE if it isn’t doing anything. That’s when I discovered there isn’t an uninstaller!

There should be an entry in Windows Add/Remove programs.

And you are correct. There is an entry. I was looking for “Comodo Verification Engine” not “Verification Engine”.

Still looks like this has not yet been fixed, could a staff member or someone in the know update us on this please. :slight_smile:

This one indeed is taking more time than it’s usually takes in order to get a response 88)

Currently I just disabled Vengine “on system startup”

Guys, since we are still waiting anyway, can anybody please have a look and answer
the question I raised here

Sure, it’s better to reply in that thread - that will be highly appreciated and in addition more helpful then if I would “bump!” in there

Hope that will wake up the developers :wink:


Any news on this issue yet?? Thanks