Firefox 3.5 without vengine.exe

Tried to use VE after installation and learned its operation tool tips and green border.
Then i disabled vengine.exe autorun, closed FF, killed already running vengine.exe. And launched FF again. It seems VE operating exactly like before (with running vengine.exe).

Question is: vengine.exe is needed to run in RAM in order VE to operate normally (like designed) with Firefox 3.5 ?

(seems like “VerificationEngine” plugin for Firefox which got installed by VE installer does all job for FF…)

Hi SS26,

I think you are right and actually quite indirectly (that was not a major concern at that time) that was pointed in Reply #2 here:

Interestingly enough I had a question for some time, which may be related to your request,… but did not ask yet:

Since Vengine indeed needed as a plug-in/add-on for the browsers it seems to me the existing startup entry on system Boot is a bit redundant… (sure I may not know all intentions by developers)
What’s happening - the yellow pop-up notification window stating that V-Engine cannot connect to the server…" and so on… being displayed on every Boot when there were no request yet for any browsing session.

It looks more surprising when the user will even disable the connection and Reboot.
Vengine does not take that (“no connection”) into consideration at all.

I don’t see the purpose of that pop-up, but it would be nice if developers answer both our questions

My regards

Thanks for info, SiberLynx .

yep, it would be great.

I updated Firefox to 3.5.2 and now Verification Engine is not compatible with the browser and now i always get pop up to update the verification engine which was compatible with the older Firefox version 1. etc…
The last recent popup VE was for the old version of Firefox.
Is there a compatible Verification Engine for Firefox version 3.5.2

Hi HeleB ,

As you can see from several threads here in this section there were problems with VE 0.24 in conjunction with the Fox 3.5.2

But it seems that that was fixed with the release of VE

Working fine here for 2 days already and I haven’t seen new bug reports for Firefox.

Have you installed the 0.25 upgrade?

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