firefox 3.0 and vengine

can someone please help me with
i can’t get vengine to work with firefox 3.0
i don’t know what to do
i downloaded vengine and installed it again, that did not work either
i would really appreciate any help

i am running windows xp pro

thank you

Verification Engine does not support firefox 3.0 at the moment. You have to wait until support will be added to V.E.

I am using firefox 3.0 too and most of my addons don’t work either anymore.

FF3 does have a simular built-in featre like VE which you can use in the meantime.

Addons - give mozilla some time to get updates sorted for these so that they work with ff3.

thank you guys for the reply
much appreciate your help

Anytime SecurityFan! (:WIN)

Any news on when FF 3 will be supported?

Well I don’t think this is known at the moment… maybe the moderators can give any clear answers on this one… you can try to pm them. (:SMLR)

This one doesn’t know, sorry guys. There hasn’t been any definitive word that I’ve been in on, unless someone else has been talking to the devs.


FF3 has been out in the wild for a while now. Any news on an update for VE? ???

Currently there is no known release date for VE to support Firefox.


That’s odd. I would have thought the release of an important update of a major browser was enough reason for an update.

Not really :slight_smile:

Look how long it took for companies to support Vista. Then again, Vista has millions more code.

Anyway… Patience is a virtue. :wink:


Then it is out in the trash like the firewall for me. I use nothing but ff and did not even notice it did not work with 3.0 but it is greyed out in 3.0.1. Did get msg saying V Engine cannot contact the internet but then went away. The firewall bogged down the system so had to remove. Next up is BOClean I suppose.

Firefox support is to follow shortly.

Then ask for help and we can resolve your problem :slight_smile:


FF3 support?