Firefox 250 Connections Out


I have noticed that my firefox behaves oddly lately. I have over 250 Outbound connections. Some of them are to some destinations I can reasonably accept. However, the majority of them are to an ip, port 80. About 1-4 Kb out and 62b in. The ip seems to be but i have never visited this site or otherwise, though i am currently staying in China. I am not sure this is normal behaviour or some bug or malware, but i do use the whole protection lot, like spyware blaster, search and destroy and so on. They even filter the chinese search site baidu for some reason. So, any helpful comments? Thanks.


Disable all the plugins and addons from Firefox and then check if it behaves the same. If not, it means the plugins and/or addons are the reason, so you can start enable them one at a time to see which is guilty for that.

Personally, I’d delete&reinstall(from a the official firefox addons webpage) them all and see if this does the job.

If not, it means there is an external matter.

Come back and tell us what was the result of the above action(s).

Good luck! :wink:

LE. I’ve checked that address and is seems that it gets a lot of traffic, which means either is a DoS attack or someone tries to get that traffic to increase their income from advertisements.