Firefox 2 Comodo Firewall asks multiple times. [Resolved]

Hey, not sure where to post this. Move it if its not right. I have been running Comodo firewall for several weeks now and have been really happy with it. I upgraded to firefox 2 tonight and I get several questions (allow/deny) with each web page. Just guessing it seems to ask for each time the page requests(links) to another page.

I didn’t find anything about this on the forums or searching google. If this keeps up I’ll have to quit using one or the other.

Thanks, Syl

Hello and welcome to the forums,

Sometimes issues may occur when upgrading software, I would recommend you delete all of Firefox’s entries in the Application Monitor located in Comodo Personal Firewall so Comodo can start from scratch with the Firefox rules, this should fix your problem.


Justin, Thanks alot. That seemed to make it better. I forgot to add that I added Firefox as a trusted application. Which didn’t help.

I did deleted all the firefox entries in the application monitor and it helped, then added firefox as a trusted app and it is working perfectly.

Thanks for the quick response, I am even happier with comodo firewall.

Just FYI, I am using the Firewall, Antivirus, and IVault. Awesome combo.

Thanks, Syl

Hello Sylaei,

I’m glad to hear your issue has been resolved, I will go ahead and mark this topic as resolved, once again welcome to the Comodo Forums :smiley: