Fire wall ..deny allow

I have a small question when the fire wall is active and I am useing the net I keep getting repetetive “asks” deny or allow progs and sites I have already asked to be remembered by ticking the check box. why is this happening, using O/S win 2k pro, Firefox browser.

Welcome to the forums freepost.
Open cpf gui and go to security> advanced > basic popup logic (ticked) . Hope this helps.

Hi tim
thanks for the reply, I’m afraid your advice did’nt work.I still keep getting asked permission on deny /allow, not every time but quite frequently on actions I have already ticked “remember”

Hi duckfeet, I’m sure cpf is remembering your answers. Pls be sure to read what the popup is asking you as something has changed ( invisible app., protocol,ect) with these apps that keep asking. Hope this helps