Finding Comodo Firewall

How did I come to use Comodo Firewall?
Well I was getting tired of Zone Alarm, as others have said it gets bloated and mine was taking an age to load up.
I got a mailshot from Ashampoo offering a new free firewall and decided to give it a try.It looked good, and had some useful tools included but it soon started to disrupt my system. One after another things stopped working and eventually a big crash occurred so it had to go.
I Googled around for something else and stumbled on Comodo. I have to say I am more than pleased with the way it operates and looks. For free software it’s terrific and I will be staying with it. I am planning to out Mcafee next and move to CAV.
keep up the good work, (Forums are great too)

Glad to hear, and welcome! :wink: