Finally XP has BSoD, but....

I’ve waited till “then end”, but my XP OS has finally given up.
But I was not yet ready and was in the process of jotting down some info and password from the COMODO browser.
Now I cannot get to them because machine will not boot up and cannot open browser.
It will not even go to SAFE MODE.

Are the saved CD passwords in my machine somewhere, or are they cloud ?

Will I be able to get to them if I install a Linux based OS by partition, or what else is suggested ?


Passwords are stored in you profile folder. If you logged Dragon in to a Google account, your passwords may be available on that Google account (, depending on your settings.

Otherwise, you may run a Linux “live” system, from a CD/DVD or USB drive (if you computer supports it). Live means you don’t have to install it, just boot from the Linux media. Another option is to install the disk in another computer.

No, have never logged in through google, just basic stuff.
May have to be as suggested using the Linux Live method, np