finally took the plunge

well I finally took the plunge and removed sygate (not supported anymore since symantec took it over) anyway I have to say I am pleasently surprised. I did install it 4 or 5 months back on my test system but was not impressed at the time (too resource hungry too buggy etc). I have to say its come a long way. there are a few suggestions i have though… Mainly becuse im so used to using sygate and sygate has these features.

  1. an animated tray icon that indicates incoming/outgoing traffic color coded indicating blocked or allowed traffic

  2. in main gui window include a network traffic indicator that shows network bandwith/speed in realtime… (I am so used to looking at these in sygate im not sure i can get used to not having them…

anyway… great job so far and great progress…

I did try your antivirus 4-5 months ago as well… but it was too much of a resource hog… have you made as much progress on that as you have with the firewall? if so maybe I’ll give that another chance as well

anyway, Thanks for listening

Michael Taylor


Let me be the first to welcome you! If you have any questions or problems, just ask. There are many people here to help you with any/all bumps that can arise. Just ask if you have a question.

You mentioned 4-5 months ago since you last tried CPF. As with anything, that is a long, long time ago. Hopefully you will find a much more matured program.

There are many Firewalls out there. If one doesn’t fit quite right then I’m sure another will. Just ask if you have any questions.

To answer your questions though 1) No and 2) No… but there is something that might help that is listed under traffic.