Finally, CIS/CAV scans PROPERLY fast for me!

I’ve never really seen the speed of CIS/CAV on demand, it has actually scanned pretty slow (though still much faster than e.g. avast! about one year ago). But now I tried v 3.8.65951.477 and I found it to be amazingly fast. Don’t know if this is the first CIS/CAV version that did the trick for me. Anyway, I scanned 74,643 objects in 4:52 minutes. On a three year old laptop - 1,8 GHz.


good to hear LA :slight_smile:

We will not stop improving;)


Not bad :), but I wish to say the same. For me it takes about 25-30 minutes to scan my hdd(about 100 GB, with 30GB free space). My pc is not a new one, Athlon 64 3200+ and 1GB RAM.

That’s nice to hear Melih. :slight_smile:

Breen, glad that you have the same experience.

I was slightly worried for long as people said “yeah, this new version is faster” but I never felt the same. Now, finally… I really was amazed! I may never before have seen my CPU been used that efficiently.


My machine: 131,000 files scanned here in 10 mins 48 seconds. My Laptop is just over 2 years old… :slight_smile:

Still a good result!:slight_smile:


I too would be happy if the scan completed on my mothers com but it never does.
Melih maybe you can confirm the bug (ref: below) is being addressed? It just seems to be getting swept under the carpet at the moment :frowning:


Hmmm only 10 minutes? I wonder why my pc is so slow? Do you have Intel CPU or AMD? Maybe CAV works faster with Intel?

Do you guys change the original file scanning size(20 MB)??

I always set manual scanning to scan files up to 2000 MB (or similar) to make it scan even the biggie’s the few times I run a scan… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

if you choose to scan files bigger than 1024MB CIS will alert you that there can be a performance degradation during the scan.

EDIT: I’ve corrected the size :slight_smile: thanks monkey_boy

Thanks, didn’t notice the popup box when I did the change… 88) :slight_smile:
And I think you meant files larger than 1024 MB not 1204 MB. =)

Don’t really remember… I’ll check when I’m at home

Version 3.5 took 4 1/2 hours to scan my system, which was just not acceptable. Version 3.8 takes a little less than an hour. A huge improvement, but it could be sped up even more if CIS allowed me to tell it not to scan some folders. I wonder why they haven’t added such a feature?

...but it could be sped up even more if CIS allowed me to tell it not to scan some folders. I wonder why they haven't added such a feature?

Try this :
Scanner settings


Yeah, with a name like exclusions you’d think that would be the answer wouldn’t you? Nope.

Anything on the exclusions list is still scanned. You just won’t get any alerts on these items if there are any detections.

So sadly, adding files or folders to the exclusions list isn’t the answer. No speed is gained because the excluded items are scanned anyway…

heffed is right… the exclusion is not functioning well… it still scan that folders… there was a release note that said that was fixed but i think that isn’t totally fixed…

I believe that fix was for another problem related to the exclusion list. Something like files on the exclusion list still triggering an alert if you right-click scanned them, but I can’t remember the specifics.

I think they’ll fix it again in the next version. AFAIK it’s sheduled somewhere the end of the month, but as we all know it can change…


is anybody (devs/Melih) going to aknowledge this problem??? I’m sure you are all getting as fed up as I am for me keep harping on about this.

The Devs usually don’t post so much in the bug forums unless they did not fully understand the problem… but they do read them and fix them. :smiley: CIS 3.9 will contain a lot of bugfixes most likely, and are set for end of march hopefully with the same goal as 3.8 to remove all bugs prior to being released as a full patch… I would not be surprised if this bug was addressed in first beta. If not then doing some beta testing and posting in the beta testing forum could help as the DEVs usually are highly engaged on the forums at that time and focus being bug hunting and fixing minor issues. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile making your own scanning profile containing all except those folders you want to exclude could work as a workaround as the scanner will then scan only the folders of choice… =)

Hi thanks for the response (and sorry for harping on about this everybody)…I will try to exclude the win32 folder and see how I get on. It’s a wierd situation because I’ve noticed it’s not always the same file the scanner stalls on…it varies for some reason.
I do hope as you say Monkey_Boy=) that this issue will be fixed in V3.9
Ok I will stop nagging everybody now :slight_smile: