Final Beta 3 Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition

Dear Beta Tester,

We’re proud to announce what is scheduled to be the final beta (3) release of Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition (2.0.41025.4) along with the latest version of Comodo Internet Security 5.8/2012 available for immediate download. To join the ESM Beta Force, complete the following form and tell us about your test environment at: . You will receive a License Key to use with the software (look for it in the 2.0 beta section of the confirmation email you receive).

BETA NOTICE: This is BETA software and may have serious bugs which can cause permanent damage to your computer and data. It is intended for qualified beta testers only and must not be used in production systems.

There have been a number of improvements in this release, please see the release notes (found in the installation directory) for the latest features (items 7-12) and limitations in this release. If you should have any trouble activating your license on this version, please email us at esmbeta[at] for assistance.

For current ESM 1.6 users wanting to test ESM 2.0 in their environment on test workstations, there’s also instructions in the release notes for upgrading (while maintaining your ESM 1.6 server).

ESM 2.0 BE Beta 3 Web (light weight) installer (best if you installed ESM previously):

ESM 2.0 BE Beta 3 full installer (includes all supplementary software):

Please note! This version of Beta 3 includes the 2131 build of CIS, although it identifies itself internally as 2124 - and we similarly named the files below to match. We apologize for the confusion, and this will be rectified in future builds. You can confirm version 2131 through About in the CIS interface itself.

Comodo Internet Security 5.8/2012 Beta (5.8.211697.2124/2131) 32-bit:

Comodo Internet Security 5.8/2012 Beta (5.8.211697.2124/2131) 64-bit:

Your license key was either provided to you or will come in an email after you register using the above link.

Once installed, log on to the Console using the administrator user ID and password of the system the ESM was installed on to begin using your software. Additional help and information can be found on Comodo Help online.

IMPORTANT: After installation, please be sure to check out the known issues and workarounds for this release in the ReleaseNotes.rtf file in the ESM installation folder (typically C:\Program Files\COMODO\EndpointSecurityManager).

Please submit all beta feedback to this forum.

Please note: for the beta release, Comodo livePCsupport should not be used for beta support unless otherwise directed by Comodo.

As always, we look forward to your feedback; we still have a limited supply of tee-shirts available to our star Comodo Beta Force testers. Many of you will see a number of your suggestions incorporated throughout this beta cycle, and we thank you for your considered feedback to-date.

The ESM development and product management team is looking forward to your tests.

–Glen Marianko
Product Line Manager, Business Security Solutions

very close!!! :slight_smile:

almost there guys…its an amazing tool to manage multiple computers!!

Downloading now…

A Server initiated AV database update seems to momentarily steal focus on Client systems to the desktop. Depending on varying circumstances this could be an issue.

This needs verification by someone, thanks. :slight_smile:

can someone who installed beta 3 please upload the change log



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sweet thanks a lot