Filtroweb still fails to ssl sites (https)

1. The full product and its version:
Comodo internet security 8.0.332922.4281

2. Your Operating System (32 or 64 bit) and ServicePack revision. and if using a virtual machine, which one:
Windows seven service pack 1 (64).
I have virtualbox installed but do not use comodo internet security in the virtual machine.

3. List all the configuration changes you did. Are you using Default configuration? If no, whats the difference?:
1 In the default configuration, I added a list of extensions ie * .js, to be blocked. On sites beginning on HTTPS: // filter web will fail in most of them.

2 comodo- proactive security, added a list of extensions to be blocked, increased the level of firewall alert. Filter web fails sites started in HTTPS: //

4. Did you install over a previous version without uninstalling first, or import a previous configuration file?:

5. Other Security, Sandboxing or Utility Software Installed:
Zemana antilogger free (uninstalled before installing the new beta 8 CIS) and Shadow defender

6. Step by step description to reproduce the issue. Or if you cannot reproduce it, what you actually did before it happened, step by step:
1 I installed comodo internet security, rebooted the PC and kept the default setting;
2 I created a list of extensions, cared for filterweb.
3 When trying to download files with extensions of type (js, exe, jpg) on websites. HTTPS, Filterweb fails for most.

7. What actually happened when you carried out these steps:
Filterweb not block ssl sites (https: //), there are exceptions such as the forum: among others

8. What you expected to see or happen when you carried out these steps, and why (if not obvious):
Filterweb should block all attempts downloads.

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I believe this is likely the same issue as that reported here. Would you agree?

If so please reply to the other bug report and say that you are experiencing this with Comodo internet security 8.0.332922.4281. Then also let me know in this topic so I can close this particular report.

Thank you.

Yes, but being a new version and in the testing phase, thought should be reported again. Can disregard this report.

I can then go to one of my reports from the CIS stable version 7.0.55655.4142 and edit it as resolved?

I understand. For future reference there’s no need to create a new report. It’s fine to reply to the original and let us know that the Beta does not solve this problem. I’ll now move this to Resolved.