Filtering of the 'Computer Security Policy' Rules

I’d like to see filtering included for any policy/log window, such that you can easily find an entry based on known filename information.

Especially for this path…
Open Comodo Firewall Pro → Select ‘Defence+’ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy

This was the worst part so far of using CFP. Making a mistake in setting the rules for a program, then having to charge around trying to find where policy settings for that program were listed.

I’d also like to see included an easy way of ordering the policy/log files, based on clicking the appropriate header.
And a button/checkbox to remove/show the path to that file, making it easy to find the specific file you were looking for - while leaving the currently applied file icons showing each time. :wink:

A direct button link to the policy would be nice too, for easy adjustment of those settings, with the caveat that this not be overly easy for any current/future software which can emulates mouseclicks to bypass the security of the interface.

In Computer Security Policy, you can press CTRL+F and type part of the program path that you want to jump to. Unfortunately, doing so will sometimes cause the program to crash.

This works partly, but since it’s not an obvious way to proceed its usefulness is deeply mitigated.

(n.b. CTRL + C also does the same, and CTRL + V will past in parts of a path you may have in memory).

I say that it works partly, as it depends on you knowing about the key combination and the path to the file in the first place. Thereafter, using this path as part of the search.

A more useful (easier ?!) search would be to have it jump/link straight to the file(s), by typing into a search box the parts of the drive/path/filename you already know.
This seem an intuitive searching methodology, and should quickly filter all of the many entries generated since Comodo’s installation.

E.g. My path to utorrent (renamed without the ‘micro’ symbol): C:\Users\Username\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe

I type (without case constraints) “u”…“t”…“o”… and have Comodo filter the results, and drop down the list to the first specific entry with those symbols in that order.

Not have to - as was the case - type “C:\Users\Username\Program Files (x86)\u” before it listed the correct entry.

Further, the search did not account for the fact that another uTorrent.exe entry had been created (with a different path) during the installation of said program, and that this was also listed in the ‘Computer Security Policy’ - yet not tagged with the program icon, making it harder to find.

An enahanced, robust, searching system can only benefit the program.

I agree also. I did ask for this on the wishlist.

Hi guys,dont know if this might help(or you allready know)but you can alter the “Computer Security Policy” list by left clicking on the file but holding it down,a red line appears through it and then you can move it up or down by sliding the mouse so all instances of any program can be grouped together.


Hi, and thanks for the tip - good to know.

It’s a bit of a slow technique for large lists of files, but for a quick edit it would certainly be useful. :slight_smile:

Grouping should be a stipulation of the auto-filtering of the Computer Security list - with possible options to include:

  • Auto-grouping filenames by the time/date the rule was added
  • Auto-sorting by directory path
  • Auto-alphabetised ordering of the list by filename