Filter for many MAC's

Hello, i need that only the computers that have a MAC specified can access to my computer. Example: i need that the computer that have 00:00:00:00:01 and 00:00:00:00:02 and 00:00:00:00:05 conect whith my computer, the others no.

I try it usin firewall->my network zone->add a new network zone and add a machine excluding this MAC.

In my block zone use it. How i exclude this MAC, COMODO must be block all computers exept thats, but this don’t work.

What i do bad?

Thanks and sorry for my english.


From what I’ve understood, you want to create a rule that allows incoming traffic only from the MAC-addresses you specify? Also, using My Blocked Network Zones didn’t work? First, go to FirewallCommon TasksMy Network ZonesAddA New Network Zone… and name it. Once done, add all the MAC-addresses you want to allow. Now, go to FirewallAdvancedNetwork Security PolicyGlobal Rules.
Add this rule:

Action: Allow
Protocol: IP
Direction: In
Source Address: Zone → Choose the newly created zone with the MAC-addresses
Destination Address: Any (or your MAC-address)

Place it as your second last rule, and add a rule to block all other incoming traffic:

Action: Block
Protocol: IP
Direction: In
Source Address: Any
Destination Address: Any (or your MAC-address)

Thanks, you understood good. I’m doing then change and try it. I write Later. Thank you again

Hello again. I try the last instrucion and nothing. COMODO block all. I changue some thint and obtain this result:

  • Configuration exactly as you say: Block All

  • Configurating
    Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Global Rules.
    the allow configuration exactly as you say

                Firewall -> Advanced -> Network Security Policy -> Global Rules.
                     the block configuration: select: Exclude Select: Zone and the zone that create before.
               Here COMODO filter all, but the MAC defined (i have 3 MAC defined) only choose the first (this  conect fine).

I don’t know.

Make sure the block rule is at the bottom. It sounds like it is on top of the allow rule. Because Comodo reads rules top-down it will block all if it finds the block all rule first.

I have checked and this in the correct order. For now I’m filtering on IP. This way I have no problems. Ahh, not shown in the log, so this marked.