Files Submission stealing my bandwidth.


I’m connecting to the Internet with max 3 computers and recently i discovered that if i allow the file submission tool to work, it’ll steal my bandwidth. 3789 files found and had to check them and then submit the unknown ones, however, by stealing most of the bandwidth i won’t do that! Why there isn’t an upload limit the tool can use? How can i even browse this forum next to a working file submission tool?
I was thinking about letting the tool to do his job when i’m sleeping but there are some things i must mention:

  1. i’d like to switch off the computer (price what psu can take away…).
  2. i tried but after a while i had a visual c or what message but even after clicking on it, it seems the submit tool still working (strange behaviour).

Also, seems there’s an Abort button. I’ve clicked the Abort but after a while, the tool just restarted the process (any time limit setting or something like that?). Why there isn’t a simple PAUSE button?

ADSL connection from Hungary.