Files and folder missing...

hi, i used CTM on my friend’s notebook… since 2009
now i decide to upgrade to an SSD making a clean WIN 7 copy… I removed the Hard Disk from notebook and i put it in a Sata/USB Interface.
Then I installed WIN7 on the SSD Drive and Win boot perfectly… I inserted the SATA/USB plug to copy files and folder to new hard disk… i get on Users/desktop folder… and as a big surprise i found nothing from 2009 !
I only found files and folder before the installation of CTM…
To have a confirmation of that… i removed the SSD and i booted from the old hard disk… i found all files and folder on desktop !
But i cannot copy that because the System is corrupted and Windows freeze after few seconds of operation…
Can you help me to understand why all files and folders created after CTM installation are not visible from the SATA/USB interface ?
Thanks in advance !

As you have installed CTM there is a option called “Compact” when you boot up by pressing the “Home” key. If you click of “COMPACT” option it defrag will start to save disk space.
If you want to copy all files from one system to another then restore the system to the baseline while CTM boots up and then open CTM on desktop and unlock all snapshots then delete all snapshots then restart your system and when CTM boots up while pressing “HOME” key you have to choose the option “UNINSTALL”. Now you can copy all the files to any system. After copying the files you can reinstall CTM.

The only reason why you can’t able to copy all the files is because the snapshots might have been locked.