fileimage.dat in root??


I have a file named fileimage.dat under C:\ with 600 MB in size and 116 MB size on disk.
I think CPM created it. I this correct and what is this file for?

Thank you and kind regards

Took a look into this file and it seems to be some kind of NTFS virtual disk which contains a protocol of all the installed programs with created files and registry entries.

Indeed fileimage.dat is the internal storage file for CPM.CPM basically creates a filedisk and retains all the disk paths and registry paths that all the monitored applications creates.
Thank you

Thanks for the clarification!

Does fileimage.dat contain any information on previously uninstalled programs or just programs which are currently installed? File size on disk is 599 MB. Is that unusual? I have no idea if CPM created it, but I assume it did since I use CPM. I’m using version Thanks for any info.