File Unexpectedly Sandboxed, Can't Unsandbox


I have Comodo Firewall 7.0.317799.4142, which decided this morning to Sandbox my password keeper application, mSecure. This app has been running for multiple months without any problem. This morning, I got a popup which closed itself before I could click on the allow choice.

I open the Sandboxed Apps part of the control panel, and it doesn’t show any Sandboxed apps. It did prompt me to download Comodo KillSwitch, v 7.0.315459.4132, which I did.

In Killswitch, mSecure shows up in the Sandboxed processes. I right-clicked on it, and selected the “Add to Trusted Files.” However, it is still showing as Partially Limited in the Restriction column and I cannot change this.

While my app is partially limited, I cann’t sync my passwords with my cloud storage.

Any suggestions?

You will see your apps under the Sandboxed Apps section only while it’s running. If it’s not running, you’ll want to look right above under the Unrecognized Files section to see if it’s in there. If it is, try adding it to trusted files from there. If it isn’t, try closing the program completely and then reopen to see if it sandboxes it again.

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Follow Cassette’s advice, or simply open Killswitch->Right click on that process->“Restart”. The process will be restarted and no longer sandboxed.