File Submission

I did read recently about file submission and what essentially happens to it.

Something like it goes through two sections…one the test to make sure its benign, and the second to see what it actually does.

Anyway, I was just wondering three things:

  1. At what point does a safe/benign file get put onto the certified applications list. In other words, security vendors such as Grisoft still have not made it onto the automated list. Although I do note that Spybot and AdAware got onto it. Is there any reason for this, or have people not been submitting their files for your analysis?

  2. Must those safe applications be installed in the “normal” install path to be recognised, which is usually in C:\program files\NAMEOFPROGRAM.

  3. And is there any point in submitting files - for instance I have submitted some files around 3 months ago, but even now it still comes up with no security advice for this file. Does that mean another resubmission would help - ie are files not analysed unless their is a certain frequency to their use…ie when thousands of users submit say Firefox, obviously its going to get recognised. Or does that mean its still working its way through your system?

Thanks in advance for any help

Weasel :slight_smile: