File size of the CFP v2.4.18.184 install file ...

Hi Everybody,

Before upgrading to CFP 3.0 I wanted to make sure I also have the latest
install file of CFP 2.4 in case something goes wrong and I have to revert
to the old version. So, I just downloaded the latest stabile v2.4 version
of CFP and I noticed that this was the same version I have
been running since January this year. However, the file sizes of the
install file I just downloaded and the install file I downloaded in
January are different:

v2.4.18.184 January download 7,68 MB (8.058.960 bytes)
v2.4.18.184 November download 7,57 MB (7.943.248 bytes)

… hmm. Does anyone have a clue what’s going on? How can it be that
files with identical version numbers differ in size? Is the latter one a
new compilation without debug code? But surely, this should have
a different version no. then, shouldn’t it?!