File Rating is unsafe

Reading the topic created by User Mvzfka232:
Using the test program malwarebytes mentioned by him on your topic.

1 Trying to understand how it works and because it allows unrestricted access to trust files added applications. These files added to “trust files”, apparently they are treated as an “installer or update” (not visible in the ruleset module HIPS), but if you disable the list of safe applications “trust applications signed by …” delete a secure application, and save the settings. When trying to run will be alerted by the HIPS module, mark the application as “installer or update” will run without any alerts.

2 There is a conflict between Fille Rating and HIPS Rules. Files added to “trust files” and creating a rule in “HIPS rules”, it is still possible to run applications in some cases, even add in the rules of the HIPS module as locked application.

3 Applications added to “trust files”, should be treated as “allowed applications”. In this way, the attempt to access the executable applications would alert the HIPS module.

note: if programs placed in the “Trust Files” were treated as “allowed application” Some types of exploid would not run automatically.

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This post states what I understood to be intended behavior at the time (& I think Egemen checked it). However it is couched in the language of CIS 5.0:;msg467106#msg467106

I have no specific reason to think intended behavior has changed.

So please report as a bug with detailed steps to replicate ‘even [when you] add in the rules of the HIPS module as locked application… it is still possible to run applications’ and wish ‘Applications added to “trust files”, should be treated as “allowed applications” [if HIPS is on]’ in the appropriate Board if you would be so kind.

As a user of the program think it’s a vulnerability, the program, but I believe it was something intentional. Long ago many users reported being difficult to deal with comodo internet security, may have led the company to do this avoiding, which in Brazil, called nuisance alerts due to the constants of HIPS.
In any case, I will try to report “bug”.

Sorry my english!