File rating has to be changed

Signature recognition has been added for these files, but the file rating is still trusted, so detection with CAV fails.

Advanced File Analysis System | Valkyrie
Advanced File Analysis System | Valkyrie
Advanced File Analysis System | Valkyrie

Hi Pio,

Reported issues has been fixed.
Please check.

Thank you.

Kowsalya R

Hi Kowsalya,

Unfortunately, I can not confirm that, as can be seen on the attached and recently made screenshots.

For all 3 files, the rating has not changed yet!

Best Regards!

Hi, pio!

Thank you for reporting this!

Can you please check “File list” and see if the file has an old “Trusted” verdict? If so, please remove it and check again. Also, can you tell us if “Atomiq Technologies Inc.” is still in your “Trusted Vendor list”?


Hi Ionel,

As can be seen on the attached screenshots in my last post, I can confirm that the other two files were also automatically classified as “Trustworthy” because the certificate was still valid at the time. So yes, all files have an old verdict as “Trusted”. Unless I set the rating to “unknown” manually, the 3 files will not be recognized, regardless of whether the trusted vendor list is used or not. However, regardless of this, the corresponding holder of the certificate is still in my TVL, but since 20.11.19 it was classified by Comodo as “Unknown”. As far as I can judge, a successful detection fails because the FLS Verdict does not update/change itself.

I hope I could help a little and if there are any questions left, I will try to answer them. :slight_smile:

Best Regards

I can confirm for these files that file rating has been changed to "unknown" and as a result there is also a detection with CAV. :-TU