File limit on Virus total

Does anybody now what to do when I file is too big for Virus total. Are there any other online scanners with no file limit? (is VirusChief one?). Im using comodo firewall, with panda cloud and malware bytes. Is there a limit with comodo’s online file scanner?

for virustotal: limit 20 mb’s
for virscan: limit 10 mb’s <— this is usually fast more often then virustotal

comodo’s online file scanner: I don’t know???

Are there any other online scanners with no file limit
LOL, I doubt it. Then people would be upload entire games, 1-2 gb programs or movies....

I’m kind of familiar with most of your posts. It’s none of my business, so DON’T ANSWER THIS!! Do you even trust where your getting your stuff from???

Anyway, Here’s of list of online scanners you can go to

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi, Johnzbzb!

There’s no limit in file size for the Comodo Online Scanner, since the files are scanned on your computer, and not uploaded to one of Comodo’s server.