File Intelligence ! *Tell us how can you remove the following 50 malware *

Hello Everybody! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Tell us how can you remove the following 50 malware step by step…If you get it rght we will publish your solution with your name on :-TU Every month the top 5 contributers will be credited on our facebook fan page. :slight_smile:

If you interested in this, please check below virus names and send us your description contents:


As an example; you may check the template for the descriptions on the below link:

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If I had all 50 malware on my system then I simply could not be sure that a) Any security product run on the system would work correctly and b) that said system detected all of them and removed all of them and c) there aren’t any more… So basically I’d re-install… But that’s just me.

But otherwise I’d say use Comodo to scan and then if something is found then try to clean it and then run several second opinion scanners because lets face it, CAV isn’t the end all be all AV and second opinion scanners like Malwarebytes, hitmanpro etc would probably find more or do a better job at removing them.
I mean, Comodo even says it themselves, their AV is to complement the protection from the other modules and it isn’t meant to be the super solution and hence not as much resources go into it as it does for other products out there…
If the choice was between Comodo Antivirus and another player out there… well… I probably wouldn’t be here now… Comodo won me over with HIPS, sadly it seems not much effort is put into HIPS and unless bugs are 100% super dangerous then Comodo doesn’t seem to care much, shame really… The priority of bugs shouldn’t determine whether they get fixed or not, it should only determine in what order, all bugs should get fixed.

Oh no, I think my rant went off-topic. :-\ Oh well, its priority on my list is too low so I won’t fix it.

Edit: Just in a salty mood today, if it was too much then feel free to remove it.

Each and every removal method of them is wanted, not one method for mega infection with all 50 at once :slight_smile:

Unless the mega removal is re-installing Windows. :slight_smile: I just simply wouldn’t trust a system that had been that heavily infected even if security products clean up and claim it’s fine, how do they know there isn’t some kind of rootkit that is better at hiding than they are detecting? 88)

While I’m at it I’d also flash the BIOS just in case (Although that needed physical access, but who is to say some other team out there hasn’t figured out remote installation of similar rootkits?)

Edit: Or did I misunderstand what you said and you meant the point is to answer each one individually? Aint nobody got that time, I have a potatoe weapon shop to attend to. :wink:


I guess Comodo wants to either (1) make its product more popular by getting user searching for “how to remove svchost virus” in Google, or (2) by providing url to this website upon detection (in alert). Both cases - simple infection. I guess that Comodo picked up 50 most commonly(according to their statistics?) occurring malware.

All those are just my thoughts. I think that Buket should clarify :slight_smile:

My solution is rather different. Still waiting for the big day.

Later edit,
It’s a good initiative if very detailed, else just masked advertising to me.

This request sounds funny to me! It is a fact that CAV even has not decent detection ratio. Because it is mostly hash based. Heuristic is not good. As Sanya said “Comodo even says it themselves, their AV is to complement the protection from the other modules and it isn’t meant to be the super solution”
Even our many submissions did not added to CAV database so may users just use Comodo Firewall with another free antivirus.
Comodo should make the AV module attractive…

Why Comodo does not do this for themselves? Comodo does not know how to remove those infections :o
Sorry for these words Comodo, these are what I thought :embarassed:

I am with Sanya,
I wouldn’t entirely trust the system again either.
Complete reinstall the systems software or restore the system from the most recent image before the infection occurred if available.

Hello Guys,

We are working on a huge database created by millions entries from worldwide. All users in the world will be able to use it for Free. We dont make money for delivering security and this is what we are all about. We are here to help to those who deserve the security for free. We are THE community. :slight_smile: We just want people to be able to remove the malwares from their pc without paying a penny.

We have the database, we have our protection tools. This topic is just about the content; removal instructions for known malwares.

We appreciate receiving your replies :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance guys!

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lets use this as an example

while “magiciso” by itself is legit. Writing a uninstall procedure for for magiciso thats been backdoored with brontoks will be different then one backdoored with ZeusGameOver.

Would we be able to have access to that specific malware in mind?? We can probably make a uninstaller for that specific version for it.


it is pretty simple, whit such a large infection you cant trust the installed tools.
So I would Download and burn Comodo Rescue Disk, boot from it an let it do i’s work.

If you don’t want the Comodo Rescue Disk, you can use a Knoppix or Windows 7 Live CD and start a AV scan from there.

After the scan is done, boot, uninstall CIS and do a clean install, Download HijackThis, Spybot Search and Destroy, SuperAntiSpyware and CCleaner, run them all and clean the last bits from the system.

Done :smiley:

The system is clean and working
Including the scan time of the Live CD and the four other programs it will take about 2 hours, of course you don’t have to look at the scanning process…