File Intelligence Service is now Live :)

Hi Everyone

We have been working on providing intelligence into “files”, good, bad, ugly…just the intelligence…

hope you like it…


… It’s now part of my toolbox :wink:

It could be useful thanks. Kind regards

... It's now part of my toolbox

I have to check it out

Thanks Melih :■■■■

Does this has any link with the new technology which was being patented ?

Is there any chance Link to the results will be integrated into future CIS release?
Maybe as a part of D+, link to the report? :-TU

Virus.Win32.Sality.Gen? EmailWorm.Win32.Runonce.~v001? Win32.Kashu.B?

TrojWare.Win32.Powp.C? Unclassified Malware? Virus.Win32.Parite.~A?


I’m not quite sure I understand what this does. Why are there pages of malware info about cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe?

See there are 6 malware and 32 safe files, malwares are usually first, and safe files are after malware list. :-TU

Hi LaserWraith,

This is the info as exists, not controlled as what to display and what not to display.

If someone has copied these CIS files say in some external storage and then his system gets infected (ofcourse he doesn’t have CIS installed in that case :slight_smile: ).

CIS protects it’s files when CIS is installed and there is no way files can get infected.

As you can see none of malware CIS file is digitally signed, which shows integrity is broken.


Ok, thanks umesh.

This is interesting, but probably won’t be that useful to me. After all, someone could just rename their malware file easily.

But there’s still SHA1 and MD5 and with filename rename, those values are not changed, am I right?

I think you are right.

But I could just scan the file with CIS, or upload to VirusTotal.

That’s slick Melih. Bookmarked for reference. It’s cool to be able to search by hash code. :-TU O0

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