File Hippo "Update Checker"


   Since you mainly use File Hippo, I am going to guess that you have it's  "Update Checker"!  I did not install it but have the [u]free standing version.[/u]

   It is the best I have seen since cnet and norton pulled a file called "CatchUp" almost a decade ago.  Not seen anything as good and quick and light until Update Checker  (:NRD)

The differences are

Update Checker only checks for recent releases and betas on files that are on the File Hippo HD.

CatchUp linked you back to the software authors site for the download , so more program updates were available.
There are many programs like Creative Labs, etc that you can only get at the authors site.

It has been so long I could be wrong but I though patches and new drivers also showed up in the scan?
I found that these Free Driver scans are only good if you pay your money! If I manually search for the new driver listed it is not at the authors site, or not needed, if the authors site has an online update scan.

There are a few beta programs listed that I will download like Defraggler, but most I just sit and wait for the non beta release.


Hi UncleDoug, (Please… Call me Josh. :))

I don’t use the Update Checker, And I don’t use any beta software either (Or Alpha, RC or any pre-release software for that matter), But that’s why I set up a virtual Machine to test beta products and other software I look into for testing. I might use the Updater Checker when it comes out of beta. I really don’t like “updater checkers” (to call them)

Anyway I used the Update Checker on a VM a while ago… And Yes only “New versions” came up including BETA updates (If I remember right). For me it is easier to go to and check for software updates there, Because yes it’s the only site I use for Software Downloads (Unless I need to use other sites for testing on VM, etc).

Just so you know Defraggler is out of beta and now officially out. :slight_smile: So yes I am like you and do wait for non-beta released, But I also test beta’s on my VM, Never on my production PC.

IMO Filehippo is a good website for software updates & recognition. I hope they do put new ideas into the update checker for the authors website, etc.


One of the reasons I liked Update Checker from File Hippo is because the results are current. uses email noticification of new releases. And if I delete the email?

The other reason I like the Update Checker was that besides an install file it also had a free standing exe file that I keep in a folder on my HD. I think CatchUp was again similar in this way.

Some programs do not need to be installed to work well ! This a feature that catches my attention.

There are some betas I check out and there are others I wait as you do. Several of the Comodo betas I try kinowing that there purpose should not take my system down should there be bugs, but others I wait for the 2nd or 3rd beta.

Defraggler lets say really needed work the first time I tried it a few months back. This release is more that 10 times better not only in speed but performance and ease of use. But as I said I always finish with jkdefrag.