File encryption

This one is driving me CRAZY!!!

At one point the version of system cleaner I was running included the File Encryption option under the Privacy cleaner. I encrypted some files using this and now have need to decrypt the files.

But, all of a sudden the file encryption option is NOT there! I tried re-installing the product in order to choose the file encryption option, but my list of components to install does not include folder lock or file encryption.

What happened to the file encryption option?? How do I get it back?



This option was removed couple of versions ago. We are bringing them back one by one(as they become stable). Please install previous version that had this option and decrypt or you can wait until we put back this option. If you think you cannot manage this one of our guys will assist you.

Thanks for the explanation Andrei. I installed the version you had a link for in the other thread.
All set now!