File analyze

I have send files to analyze 18 may
And i still wait for analyze
Program run in sandbox

I wait for i can see is are safe of not

How long comodo?

When did you upload them?

I have report them form comodo internet security
pending files

I think that it currently takes Comodo a while to safelist files, but if it was malicious it would generally be caught quickly.

If you want to add these files into your safe list please check them using the methods described here:
How To Tell If A File Is Malicious

I agree that it takes Comodo too long to analyze files for them to expect the user to just wait for their analysis to be complete.

Maybe comodo need more people to analyze files :wink:

sandbox really seems to be somehow meaningless,as it cost too long time for them for file analysis

futhermore,there are a lot of programmes can not work smoothly in the sandbox

The sandbox is still in development, give it time.

If I run them with the virtualization feature on they are smooth. (Right click run in sandbox).

If programs runs smooth and viruses are kind of program so how sandbox protects the pc ??

virtualizing any action done the the program is how the sandbox can protect you or basically running the program with very low privileges isolating it from the computer.