FFMPeg.exe blockade

Maybe you can enlighten me, why CIS blocks (virtualizes) FFMPeg even it (CIS) says it’s trusted?

Is it listed on the Blocked Applications list perhaps?
Or maybe a newer or other version of ffmpeg which isn’t signed?
Does it have the same SHA hash as on the Trusted list?

It’s (well was) on Contained apps.

Not sure how new it is since tv-program downloader (which itself is on CIS’s suspected list (false positive)) which uses FFMPeg and Conhost (both Trusted and Fully Virtualized). K-Lite (not that liked by CIS either) installs FFMpeg too but apparently that’s not FFMpeg that program wants apparently.

Noticed that tv-programs didn’t show up on on HDD despite download finished and before that had wondered what’s green box on top of it so checked CIS and noticed that FFMpeg and Conhost were virtualized and once added them on Trusted programs (were grey Unrecognized before that) and then got successfull downloads…

recheck md5 of that one; and depended modules that it loads;
maybe your version is infected or installed/compiled already with virus inside…

Don’t think that I have infection since no scanner finds anything and can’t check md5 since 1st downloader downloaded and installed FFMpeg automatically and 2nd just uses it. Both programs are from trusted sources (directly from devs) and both get blocked by CIS until I safelist those.

you can check path with app or depchecker and find what ffmpeg exe or dll is used; select that file and check it md5; then lookup on net if it’s safe or not;