ff or dragon?

why should i use comodo dragon as a browser instead of ff? it looks good but what are the benifits?

Well i see what i can do:

-chromium speed
-certificate validation
-growing number of add-ons
-awesome icon (personal favorite)

-massive number of add-ons
-faster than IE8
-Wot works (wont work in dragon)
-2nd in browser share (a few sites either use IE or FF)

So take your pick personally I use Google Chrome.

That’s the reason for me.

why google chrome??

I like the overall look of it and Google releases there customized chromium (Google Chrome) builds faster than chromium (Dragon) releases there builds.
Also everybody makes a big thing about Google collecting their data, i don’t mind that much.

Chrome/Dragon would be faster than Firefox as it is based on WebKit which is optimised for speed.

If your looking to customise your browser, go for Firefox. It has a huge marketplace of add-ons.

I use Google Chrome as I prefer the buttons which are in Google Chrome compared to the buttons in Comodo Dragon.