FF opens in Sandbox without Menu bar and always on the right up corner [M2378]

1: CIS version:
2: OS version:
Windows 7 64 bit
3: What you did:
I opened the Firefox from Comodo Widget in Sandbox mode (with green frame).
4: What you actually saw:
Every time when I am opening the Firefox from the Comodo Widget, it opens in the left up corner of the screen and without the Menu bar. The size of Firefox window is smaller than usually. Every time I have to manually change the size of window and add the Menu bar to Firefox.
I have this before and uninstalled CIS 10 and went back to version 8.00.4337 and Firefox has opened normaly with Menu bar and always in the same place and size on the screen. Should I back to v.8.00 again?
5: What you expected to happen or see:
In all previous version of Comodo - Firefox window opens in the same place and with the same size I left the aplication.
6: If possible attach a screenshot illustrating the GUI problem
Temporary solution for this issue is to clear Sandbox and after that I can open Firefox only twice with normal size and in the place when usualy it opens. After third time Firefox opens on the left corner with no Menu bar and smaller size.
When I am using Firefox without Sandbox it opens with no problem.

We will investigate.

Hmmm! I’ve got no problems since then. cis 6526 Windows 10 64 bit (but with windows 7 64 bit) I had no problems.

Menu bar: in firefox on the tob of the window click with right mouse key to open the menu and choose “show menu bar”.

To open in Sandbox: right mouse key on firefox icon and choose “open in sandbox” if not automatically or open cis, task, containmaint and choose open virtualized (choose: link on the desktop), perhaps it may help. It’s surely a bug of comodo. It surely ISN’T a bug of comodo.

Hi Woytek787,

Thanks for taking time to report the issue. We can reproduce the menu-bar missing bug but we are not able to reproduce size and place bug.
Can you please share the Firefox version you are using?

Kind Regards,

Rest the sandbox use the reset containment task, then open a non-contained instance of firefox, then make sure you set FF to show the menu bar which by default is turned off, then maximize FF and close FF. Then try opening FF from the widget. When FF is launched it remembers the last window size and position as well as any settings you have set. Not a bug.

FYI - Launching any browser from the widget opens it in container/sandbox. Use the normal icon to open the browser in normal mode.


What a mistake I made: I wanted to write “It’s surely NOT a bug of comodo” instead of “It’s surely a bug of comodo” . Otherwise, my previous post makes no sense.

I have the newest version of Firefox Quantum 59.0.3 (64 bits).
In normal mode the problem with FF not exist - only the Sandbox not remember the FF settings.
After deleting the Sandbox FF only twice opens normally, but on third time it not remember FF settings.
I have checked the other browsers from the widget and all of them after closing always opens in the same configuration as before - the same place on the screen, the same size and they remember my last settings.
In case of FF there is the problem that Sandbox not remember the position, size and settings, but it happens only with CIS10.
When I have uninstalled CIS 10 and installed CIS 8 - problem disapeared and Sandbox remembered settings of FF.
It was couple months ago when I upgraded my CIS to version 10 and when the problem appeared I went back to old version of CIS and have waited for new version of CIS, but with the new version the problem still exist.
You can live with it but it is terribly annoying.


With mine, the Menu bar and the Bookmarks toolbar disappear. The size and position is fine

FF 59.0.3 64 bit
Win10 Pro - 1803 (17134.1)

Will be fixed in next release. A beta build will be made available in upcoming week which you can confirm the fix.

Should be fixed with Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6574 - BETA please check thanks.

Issue fixed for me . . . FF 60.0.1 (64)