Few questions


I am a user of Rollback Rx (and FD-ISR - the original) and I was wondering :

  1. Is it possible to defrag the system with an external deffrager like PerfectDisk and that without removing CTM from the system or making a lot of loop to deactivate it? If not, could you add a button to deactivate CTM so we can defrag and then reactivate it with a touch of a button…

  2. Is it possible to use chkdisk or have mini dumps with CTM install?

  3. Is it possible to update/upgrade CTM from within the program and without removing the program and without losing our snapshots?

  4. Is it possible to make an archive snapshots to an external hard disk?

  5. Does CTM compatible with the original First-Defense - ISR?


CMT is pretty much the same as Rollback Rx.
So, 1 is No & No, 2 is i don’t know, 3 is actually yes, 4 is no, 5 I’m not familiar with FD-ISR

Thanks for your answers! In short, the only thing different is the update function :-\

I am also a register user on Rollback RX.
I just uninstalled it and installed CTM.
You get the update feature and can defrag your drive with this installed.
I haven’t tried to defrag yet but they say it can be done.

It is possible to defragment (as it is possible in Rollback Rx), but neither program recommends it and both direct you the RR support site for more info (see https://forums.comodo.com/frequent-asked-questions-faq/is-comodo-time-machine-compatible-with-defragmenter-software-t45634.0.html)