Few questions and some comments from me

Well hi to all here!
I have seen today some very confusing things!
I have used for many years Comodo products (Firewall always!) and finally today I have seen a update of CFP 3.0 (last version which I have used!). And when message icon shown up that I must update comodo firewall pro. Then I saw a update procedure in taskbar (cfp copying… and the similar messages) then after that update icon disappeared and NOTHING shown up. Then I restarted my machine and after restart I didn’t see Comodo Firewall pro icon in taskbar. Then I tried to run Comodo firewall pro but Cfp.exe didn’t exist! What the hell! Well then I uninstalled completely Comodo Firewall Pro and I have searched on the comodo site for this newest version and I saw that only 3.0 exist right now. Well that was confusing. Then I installed CIS but without antivirus because I have already nod32 legit on my OS (Vista SP1 on older P4 based machine!) and I saw that Comodo firewall pro dissapeared (now the name is only Comodo Firewall - without PRO). What’s going on really? That means Comodo Firewall Pro will never exist? What’s difference between Comodo Firewall Pro and between Comodo Firewall (in CIS)? Please answer me on these questions!
I am totally confused. Well I had very terrible problems with autoupdate in CFP so sometimes I used a tool here on this forum that remove completely CFP from system. Without this I believe that OS was completely gone (into re installation!).
Well I don’t know what’s really happening with CFP (because 3.0 is already on the site, even autopdate is showing that new version has arrived (3.5)!).
Please explain to me some things because I am really confused. What will happen with CFP? Or CFP is the same as Comodo Firewall in CIS?
Comodo firewall is great, one of the products on the web and it’s completely free. That I love!
Cheers to all and sorry on my bad written English. It contains some grammatical errors.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I can understand you’re confused, many people are, right now. Here’s the thing: the new CF, from the CIS installer, is the latest version of the software previously referred to as CFP. They dropped the “Pro”, I don’t know why. But anyway, it’s the same, and if you do have Comodo Firewall installed from the CIS installer you have the latest version of CF(P).


Well many thanks on this explanation. But I don’t know why still CFP version (3.0.x) is active on download section of comodo website. Still this is pretty confusing. Then after that in my minds are the questions “What will be with this CFP, will Comodo separate CF from CIS then CFP will never exist?” Well that are pretty big questions.

Hope someone from Comodo will clear it up soon. :THNK

I guess they’ve missed to update the website, this isn’t normally done by the developers I think. They’ve got separate web-guys (and girls? :)).



Now the latest CFP version is in CIS, you can install it without the AV all right. I wouldn’t be surprised if the stand-alone 3.0 installer is withdrawn, but otherwise it’s all right to keep all options open, even if that’s not the newest version. Consider that even 2.4 has been available for ages after 3.x came out.

So in short, the newest version is the one in CIS. If you don’t know which download to choose and why, get that one.

I think the confusion could be dispelled better by writing clearer explanations in the website and directing more clearly towards a single download, than by withdrawing some of them, that may be found in extern sites, and that some die-hard old-timers may miss for some reason (stability, if it’s broken don’t fix it, etc.)

It should be fine to upgrade from CFP 3 to CF 3.5 without uninstalling anything, according to Comodo dev. Currently this is all I know. Haven’t tried it myself.


Well it’s pretty clear for this, but the big question when will Comodo make big announcement about these pretty big changes. I think that users are very confused, not only me.

Hi there,
I am glad to see I am not the only one experiencing some confusion over this.
I can’t download the update via the updater. It bombs out at about 4% and says there was an error, that the connection was lost during the download. I suspect Comodo’s server connections are overloaded at the moment due to many people updating.

So when I couldn’t find the manual download file for the latest version I started to look for info here.

I now discover that I must download and install Comodo Internet Security, and that I can install this without activating the anti-virus component in it? I have NOD32 so I don’t want the comodo antivirus.

ALSO… in the past when I have done even minor updates of Comodo it has NOT carried my previous configuration settings to the new version. This has wasted many hours of time having to redo all the many firewall rules and application rules etc. (:SAD)

Will this update from to 3.5.54375.427 pick up my previous settings or will they be ditched like they have during past updates?
If they get dumped, will an export of my settings be accepted as an import into the new version?

With thanks,


Yes you can install CIS without the antivirus.

As for your settings, they are supposed to be kept when updating. To be sure you may want to export them first though, but it has been reported that they may not be completely sufficient if imported in v 3.5 due to some changes in the software. At least you’ll have something to look at if you loose your settings when updating (although you shouldn’t loose them), and you have exported the settings.


ps. welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks Leoni,
I am happy to hear they are at least intended to automatically be kept. In the past it has put me off updating Comodo, because numerous times I’d be back to square one with the settings.

So then, I assume I just install the new CIS as is. Will it uninstall my existing 3.0 firewall installation during that process or do I remove it manually?

I’ll do the update later this weekend.

Much thanks,


And it doesn’t really help when a moderator make an uninformed guess at the answer. This meaning I doubt whether they hear any answers from Comodo and only give their advice.

I’m afraid you can’t launch the CIS installer and get it to update your current CFP installation to the latest CF, I think it has to be done by an online update via your CFP interface. I’m not sure though since I haven’t done this myself, so I don’t know how the CIS installer would react if you already had CFP installed.

Well, after all, moderators are not much more than plain users. As soon as we get info that hasn’t gone public yet, we publish it (unless we’re prohibited of course).


So true, I was just stating that you guys really don’t have ear of the developers, but have to wait just like us peons. You guys actually do a great job with people like me stirring the pot (:CLP) (:CLP)

Thanks, we really appreciate it. (:AGL)


I didn’t say anything wrong. I said that are presenting now many confusing things. But these confusing things must be fixed.

If and whenever we have info from the devs, we’ll make it clear where it comes from. :slight_smile: Otherwise it’s only us, just like any non mod user may try to help all the same. Comodo can’t afford to have a dedicated staff to answer questions at the forums (besides Melih himself), and yet leaving questions unanswered so as not to provide uninformed guesses, just leaves users frustrated and bumping their questions. So we think it’s better to say whatever we know or don’t know.