"Fetching Files... This seems to be taking a while"

CCLOUD.COM website is soooo slow. The whole day has been pretty slow.

After typing in the Username and Password, it takes minutes to load.
Then a message appears: “Fetching Files… This seems to be taking a while. Please be patient while we complete your request”.

Uploading files is a headache by now. Just to do a simple task as deleting an empty folder, takes minutes.

I have a business paid account.

We are currently working to fix this issue as soon as possible.


Could you please notice when this issue is fixed, please?

Thank you.

Please try now. It should be fixed.

Now I get:

[i]Oops, an error occured!

Sorry, there was a problem reaching the server. Please try again later.
Original message: 4: Internal server error.[/i]

It be slow of couple day that it take soon long to login

I’m having the same problem. First it was fetching the files/taking a long time/be patient then after the folders show up and I try to open a file, a series of server error messages. I had 4 pop up at the same time, one on top of the others.

I’ve only been using this for a week or so. I’m trying to find a cloud service to recommend to my boss. Comodo just got put on the bottom of the pile. I don’t need my boss yelling at me getting frustrated because the files aren’t accessible when I’m already frustrated that I can’t access them either.

The problem should be fixed now. If the issue persists please provide us your username.