Feeling REALLY REALLY stupid

I was already to download your latest update to Pro, when I noticed I had the choice of 32 bit or 64 bit and even though I have worked with computers for years - do NOT know which one I should be downloading. My laptop is only about 14 months old and I even checked Admin tools to try to figure things out.

So, someone please help this dummy!!! (:NRD)

Right click on “my computer” and select properties. If it doesn’t say 64 bit, it is 32 bit.


Thanks for you help…right clicked on my computer. Under System properties - Gen, the following

Mw XP with Service Pack 2

HP AMD Turion 64 mobile
Technologyh MK - 36
1.61 GHz, 480 MB of Ram

so - if I read you right - I should download the 32 bit version - correct??

Yes. Vista is a bit more definite when you do that, but if it doesn’t say 64 bit XP for OS, it is 32 bit. :wink:

Dear sded,

THANK YOU THANK YOU…amazing I had to ask this - after all the help I’ve given others over the years with computer stuff. :BNC

By the way - I like how comodo has worked on my system quite well, though it does seem to have to relearn some things at times.

Thanks again.


Glad to help. Besides, if you download the wrong one it just won’t run; doesn’t destroy your machine. :slight_smile: