Sorry for bad english :embarassed:
After use many Antivirus (Sophos Home, Eset, Kaspersky…), now i test CIS Pro.

Honestly, i love the confinement, hips… But …

  1. You should add on the mouse right click the evaluation of a program (not just scan or launch in confinement)
  2. Update are too big (i see sometimes more 300Mo for update signature), Eset, Avast add pico/stream update
  3. Make another website (only me think th website is same as scam/rogue antivirus?)
  4. Free version is not easy…

Antivirus free is here :
Firewall free is here :

Antivirus free have firewall ? but not firewall ? i never understand
Comodo Suite Free (select what you need antivirus, firewall,…) and Comodo Suite Pro (paid) should more easy to understand)

  1. Link Valkyrie into CIS account
  2. Manage computer from website as Sophos Home ( Comodo is not easy to use for beginner, parents, …)

Thank you

Hi aranud87.

If you would like to make these official requests, you can post them in the Wishlist forum.

It is certainly not just you that would like to see these things! :slight_smile:

  1. I would like to see ‘File Details’ added to the right click context menu. So that among other things you can set the trust status of a file.
  2. I think I have heard other users say the same thing.
  3. Website issues have been covered here, and I agree it should be sorted out as to be less confusing and more professional.
  4. Again the website download links have been labeled incorrectly in the past which caused a lot of confusion.
  5. Would absolutely like to see this.
  6. For privacy/security reasons, as long as that could be enabled/disabled locally, it might be ok. Yup I agree, Comodo for beginners is not easy and have already recommended that a simple mode be added. Comodo has had a bit of a PR incident a while back where Google’s Project Zero noted a vulnerability with how remote connections were being made to computers via GeekBuddy (used to be installed with CIS). I think Comodo disagreed it was much of an issue.

Hello aranud87,

Thank you for your support.Could you please elaborate and create a wishlist with a poll.Then let me add this to our Wishlisting portal for further step,Please.
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Hello ReeceN,

Thanks for the help,keep supporting us.
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