I’ve been with comodo for a couple of years and the option to install privdog came up tonight, and because I’m deeply unhappy about the state of privacy VS advertising gave it a whirl. Not impressed at all.

Prividog, rather than protect my privacy, constantly tracks me even though I have “do not track” checked in my browser settings so it isn’t protecting my privacy whatsoever - I personally find that offensive. I understand that without advertising that the internet wouldn’t be free so I’m not against advertising, but I object to being tracked and I object to “targeted ads,” so I’ll continue to block everything until advertising agencies get that into their heads.

How can you tell that you are receiving targeted ads?

hi Rednoahl

Privdog has its own adnetwork and shows its own ads.

what is your definition of “tracking”?

Privdog stops the trackers it finds.

Please provide us more details so that we can help.