The popup is unresponsive most of the times. (lags badly before accepting the click event)

None of the columns have a sorting feature, which is … sad.

I like the simple Allow All / Custom / Block All feature.

Takes up CPU if it’s blocking a lot (but it’s a software firewall, nothing you can do about that).

Has no “Exit program” or “stop process” feature, or more like has no ability to restart process with out a system restart.

I HATE the fact that you can’t bring the setting window with the system tray icon of CFP. (always have to click on the short cut)

No window resize?

NEEDS a learn mode for Application Controls (Scan for known applications, does not count)

While I have lots to whine about, it’s the best free software firewall I’ve seen, so I guess I’ll keep on using it. (although I haven’t checked out zonealarm in a while, I’m assuming it still sucks)

(:WAV) hi it’s me again (:TNG)

??? funny. double clicking the CFP systray icon works for me.

Hmm that’s defiantly my bad then, I’m using an alternate shell called litestep.

It’s probably not the CFP’s problem.

:■■■■ cheers.
and about the Zonealarm thing, i’ve never used it, but i’ve never heard people say that it’s the best either.