Feedback on my Bugreport ticket. This makes me want to cry.

Since I’ve been asked not to use harsh words which I didn’t think were harsh to begin with, I will refrain from doing so here. Apparently, someone did not understand what I was saying when I opened a ticket to report the bug that I described here.

This is the reply I received. Judge for yourself if it was justified to close the ticket: I don’t even think the guy read what I wrote. So much for opening a problem ticket. 88)

Al (I get no respect) Adric

Hi Alfred,

Thank you for contacting Comodo

Once you’ve installed Personal Firewall, you need to learn how to set Network Control Rules (within the Network Monitor) to set the stage for all communication flow.

Please refer to our comprehensive guide on Understanding & Creating Network Control Rules:,1125.0.html

Also, read about Reading the Network Control Rules properly:,1102.0.html

Online flash tutorial for configuring network rule

Here is a video guide for a basic install of Comodo Firewall Pro.
If you are new to Comodo this should hopefully help you.
Go to Nordic Nature - Home
and click the “noob” install guide link.

Technical Support

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: FEE-579909
Department: PC Security Software
Priority: Default
Status: Closed

Just Forgot to add that to the HOWTO :o
This is the way that ticket system works. You only need to reply to that mail your request is not really closed.

Here we go again. What should I reply?

I’ve already told them what the problem was. If you meant to say that I can use that mail for future inquiries about the status of my ticket, then I’ve managed to read between the lines again. :slight_smile:


Maybe he didn’t know that V3 was out :o
Anyway now we created a bugreporrting board for CFP so dev can easly gather bugreports.
So you can take you chance and tell him to pay more attention to support ticket because that was a bugreport for CFP V3.
But please this time don’t make him cry ;D